About us



Much like the ever-evolving nature of life, growth leads us on a journey of self-discovery and the pursuit of our true priorities. This profound exploration compels us to rethink the very principles that guide our actions and infuse significance into our existence.

Since our brand's inception, a whirlwind of events unfolded, compelling us to encapsulate the essence of June & July and uncover the values that stir our souls, with the aspiration to inspire others.

At the very heart of who we are, we hold dear the pillars of Vision, Family, Uniqueness, Humbleness, and Adventurousness, Our commitment is to nurture these values within ourselves and let them radiate through our brand's journey.


on vision

In the realm of our brand's identity lies a compelling narrative woven through the elements of VISION, FAMILY, UNIQUENESS, HUMBLENESS, and ADVENTUROUSNESS. Like a painter's masterpiece, VISION guides us, illuminating the path forward with a vivid tapestry of dreams and aspirations. Just as the branches of a sprawling tree, FAMILY intertwines us, offering strength, love, and support as we grow together.

UNIQUENESS adds vibrant hues to our story, celebrating the individuality that makes us shine among the rest. Amidst the bustling world, HUMBLENESS keeps us grounded, reminding us that greatness can be found in the simplest of gestures. Embracing the spirit of daring explorers, ADVENTUROUSNESS emboldens us to embark on thrilling journeys, venturing beyond the horizon in pursuit of new experiences.

These pillars form the very essence of our brand, forging a tale that resonates with the hearts of those who share in our journey. Like a constellation in the night sky, each value shines brightly, contributing to the constellation of our collective identity. As we breathe life into this story, we hope it will inspire others to embrace their own unique narrative and join us in the ever-unfolding adventure that lies ahead.


Our Story: Crafting Euphoria, Empowering Souls

In the heart of our brand resides a tale of resilience and unbridled passion, woven by the visionary spirit of our Founder, a man with a kaleidoscopic mind and a unique journey through life. Embracing his identity as a bipolar individual, he found solace in the interplay of perfect vision and delightful delusions, a sanctuary that shielded him from the clutches of depression and life's trials.

Amidst the labyrinth of his emotions, a love for jewelry became a beacon of light. Finding solace in creating intricate pieces, he discovered that each gem embodied the essence of profound memories, dreams, and aspirations. It was through the language of jewelry that he expressed love, admiration, and appreciation to his mother and friends, who stood steadfastly by his side during his darkest hours.

Fuelled by this love language, our Founder dreamt of a space that transcended the boundaries of ordinary jewelry. A haven of healing, where each piece became an instrument to share love, spread good vibes, and offer unconditional support. Thus, our jewelry space was born, a canvas of emotions, a symphony of empathy, and a testament to the strength of unity.

With every design, we aspire to empower souls, infusing each piece with the power to heal, inspire, and ignite hope. Our jewelry embraces the journey of life, capturing dreams and preserving memories that stand the test of time. Here, we foster a community that lifts one another through joyous celebrations and compassionate understanding, standing side by side unconditionally, just as our founder's friends and family did for him.

As you embrace our creations, you become a part of this tapestry of healing and love, a radiant reminder that together, we can triumph over adversity and create something truly extraordinary. Welcome to our space, where we craft euphoria and empower souls – a testament to the beauty that lies within us all.

Our Purpose:

We humbly recognize that we are integral to a greater purpose beyond ourselves or a mere brand. In our humble beginnings, we never set out to define ourselves solely as a sustainable jewelry brand, and we refrain from making such claims. Nevertheless, we wholeheartedly embrace the ideals of environmental and social responsibility as our guiding compass, knowing that it leads us toward a better future.

Our Team

At the dawn of our journey, we stand as a tight-knit team of dreamers and visionaries, venturing into uncharted territories with unyielding determination. 

Together, we form the bedrock of this budding brand, drawing inspiration from the raw potential of our earliest stage. Guided by passion and innovation, we forge the future, embracing the challenges and triumphs that lie ahead. With each step, we weave our individual strengths into a collective tapestry, laying the foundation for a brand that will illuminate the world with its brilliance.

Our Store Location

Pioneering an innovative approach to jewelry shopping, our brand stands proudly as an innovative force, transcending the confines of a physical store. While currently location-free, we envision a future where cutting-edge technologies will redefine the jewelry shopping experience, changing the game for all who seek our exquisite creations. Stay tuned in the next six months as we embark on this transformative journey together.